Educational Consulting

Menefee does not use a traditional educational consulting approach that tends to focus on curriculum and testing. Menefee believes that tests are narrow snapshots of a student’s potential and many times, mask the prowess of dynamic and effective educators.  We believe that by investing in systems, an educational district can make an optimal academic climate and these are the true keys that offer students the best opportunity to succeed.

Menefee provides educational institutions with reduced costs in operations, improved academic climate, and increased student achievement. With our methods, educators are more effective and schools can dedicate higher, quality resources to student learning and programs.


Our Educational consulting practice services school districts with the following:

Cost Reduction Management:

Even during times when budgets are tight, Menefee assists schools to operate more lean and reduce overall cost in their operations. Menefee also partners with schools to maximize their budgets.

Risk Identification & Intervention

Menefee uses data to help schools understand trends, behaviors, and academic patterns that identify at-risk students. We offer thought partnership to design meaningful intervention methods for this population. Menefee stays current with best practices in the industry and incorporates them into educational districts.

Resource/Talent Management

Menefee specializes in organizational management and collaborates with schools so they can optimally align staff and administration within their educational district. By optimizing resource allocation within schools, students ultimately benefit from a stronger academic climate.

Policy Management:

Menefee uses risk assessment methodologies to understand how well schools are in compliance with local and state policies. Menefee helps schools identify and mitigate risks to minimize liability to administration and proposes updates to policies and procedures where gaps exist.