Business Planning

Menefee helps entrepreneurs tackle these questions when planning for and starting up their new business:

Is there a checklist for how a new entrepreneur can legitimize his/her business?

It is important for you to set up your business in the first 3 months. Menefee’s approach with business owners is to create their back office based on a 30-60-90 day plan.

Do you have an incomplete business plan that doesn’t allow your company to get off the ground?

Many businesses start off organically where the business owner launched their business with a shell of a business plan. When owners don’t take time to sit down and put pen to paper on a thoughtful, well-structured plan, they run the high risk of going out of business and becoming another statistic.

Are you an existing business that may not understand your operations enough to scale up?

Many people have a passion or trade but don’t know how to transform it into a business. They think like a W-2 and not like the CEO; there’s more to running your business than just what your trade provides.

Are you looking for a Thought Partner to help you put pen to paper on a real plan to see your fantastic idea come to life?

People who have a passion but don’t know how to form a business around it need someone to act as a sounding board. Entrepreneurs have an entrepreneurial bug and will run with every idea they create, but they also need someone to remind them that not every idea is a good idea for a business, even if it is your passion.

Are investors denying you funding because they don’t understand the true value of your product or service?

One of the top 3 reasons businesses fail is due to a lack of capital. The business plan allows business owners to give confidence to banks that they are seeking capital from that the bank will get a return on investment from their business. A business plan allows a bank to see that the business owner demonstrates experience, has a sound operational model, and plans to make future revenues.