The Age of Social Media Marketing

The marketing industry has evolved in which social media has become the most effective way in engaging customers. In the past, marketing agencies would rely on traditional ways of marketing goods like print media. This would include newspapers, magazines, and billboards. And later, as technology advanced, television became a huge way for advertisers to market products. Now with 2.5 billion around the world with at least one social media account, businesses need to leverage social media as a primary forum to build relationships with clients.

Social media is something that users like to keep up to date, constantly refreshing their feeds. Over a third of users check their social media pages more than five times a day. This gives companies more than five opportunities to spread awareness about their product to potential clients. 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on products and services they recall from social media, making a social media presence that much more important for companies to have.

Another benefit for companies developing a social media presence is brand recognition / awareness, which sheds light on the brand. To consumers, your business is just a business, but by creating a social media profile, businesses have a personality that consumers can then connect and relate to. Social media pages promotes customers engagement and adds value for your target audience. This will increase inbound traffic and keeps customers away from your competitors. Chances are your competitors are on social media, so you should be as well.

It is important to keep up with the times if you want to succeed in the business world. Social media can be overwhelming for businesses with all the different options out there, but by not being on it (at all), you aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to connect.