4 Areas to Improve Your Employee Engagement

Good employee engagement can empower and inspire your team members to do their very best work. It is something that every company should constantly be driving toward, but it’s sometimes hard to know how to do that. Read this article to learn how to increase employee engagement within your company.

As an executive coach and motivational speaker, I spend a lot of time talking about employee engagement. One thing I’m increasingly aware of is that not everyone’s totally clear on what engagement is—or why it matters. Let me break it down in this way: Employee engagement is really just about creating a workplace environment that empowers and inspires your team members to do their very best work.

It’s a win-win. It means you get good, creative, productive work out of your employees, and your employees, in turn, get a real sense of satisfaction from what they do. Engagement is something that every company should constantly be driving toward, though I’ll admit that it’s sometimes hard knowing how to do that.


Let me offer four categories in which there is always room for increased engagement. Hopefully, this will be a meaningful roadmap for you to make some improvements within your own company culture!

Alignment with Goals

Your employees should be aware not just of their daily tasks, but of the big picture—the goals your company is working toward. This is important because it provides your employees with a sense of value in what they do—a sense that they are part of something meaningful, and that their contributions matter. Work to ensure your employees understand the big picture, agree with the overall direction of the company, and see where they fit into things.

Trust in Leadership

You don’t want blind, unquestioning faith from your employees, but you should have their trust—their basic belief that the leadership of the company is competent and stable. Be mindful that your employees are always watching you, and that you have opportunities day in and day out to demonstrate integrity.

Effective Management Practices

All those who are in supervisor or manager positions should be on the same page regarding honest communication, clarity of expectations, constructive feedback, and effective coaching. Make sure your company has a culture of empowerment and motivation—something that starts with leaders.

Employee Value

Finally, be sure your employees feel valued. Affirm them when they do good, solid work. Give them leeway to make mistakes, and offer constructive feedback when it’s called for. Recognize their contributions, and make sure they know that you value them.

These are just four umbrellas under which you can put your employee engagement efforts—and hopefully, they provide you with a sense of the changes you can make right now!

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