About Us

Menefee Associates Consulting is a business and educational consulting firm that provides strategies in operations. Menefee methods are a 360 & collaborative experience for clients to best understand their data & processes (systems), identify solutions or gaps within them, create a detailed plan to implement, and most importantly, learn how to sustain the model.

Menefee Associates Consulting looks at everything through the lens of THE BUSINESS MODEL.  Every enterprise has one, whether a company, a business owner or even the single business professional. Menefee knows how to create them or help and train / educate leaders how to redesign or sustain them.  Are you:

  • Entrepreneur starting up a small business
  • Corporate executive running a larger firm
  • Educational administrator directing a school district
  • Business professional managing his/her career

Each of these present a business model that should be constantly evaluated and change to survive!