About Us

Menefee is made up of a collaborative network of consultants: certified PMPs (Project Management Professionals), educational consultants from public and private sectors, business consultants in financial services, and IT specialists. Our consultants have 20+ years of succeeding for schools, start-ups, growing small businesses or Fortune 500 companies. The network of consultants tied to Menefee has a passion for an entrepreneurial lifestyle as well as a desire to come out of the day-to-day lifestyle of traditional Corporate America environments.

At Menefee, we believe underserved industries, like education and start-ups, need partners like us to continue their success, as there may not be others eyes and ears on these organizations. Menefee clients vary in both organizational and business needs; so, our diverse team can support those needs as they come.

Menefee Associates Consulting loves to be Thought Partners with all organization types. Let us help you create and nurture a solid and dynamic business, one where we can together create or enhance a thorough operational plan that covers your vision of success!