Who We Are

Menefee Associates Consulting is a business and educational consulting firm that provides organizational management services for strategies in operations. Menefee methods are a 360 & collaborative experience so clients understand their data & processes; identify solutions or gaps within them; create a detailed plan to implement; and most importantly, learn how to sustain their improved model. “Planning the Pillars for Your Success” represents the 3 areas that create a holistic view of an organization: its People, Processes and Technology.


Strategic Consulting

Menefee services are used in public sectors, government agencies or private companies.  We advise how to plan the start-up of new organizations; reduce costs for running school districts; implement new IT systems, optimize usage of data in operations; or even take a fresh look at managing the organization itself.

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Our program and project managers are equipped to work with teams from all backgrounds and disciplines to implement IT solutions, conduct training or even develop business plans with new entrepreneurs.  We assist leaders with practical, detailed project plans to articulate just how to implement their solutions.

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